Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's a Bigger Number Than Cajillion????

I cannot freaking believe it, but yes indeed, I need to get more fingerprints! Unbelievable! To update my homestudy I needed new fingerprints and now to extend my I-600A I need new biometric fingerprints....ummmmmm because? I just had to get new fingerprints for my I-600A because the fingerprints expire in 12 months. However, when you request an extension you must get brand spanking new fingerprints...even if your last fingerprints are less than six months old. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
News reports out of Kyrgyz today seem to point to yet another new date...February 15th this time. Again, unbelievable!
I won't give up Moonbeam...I miss you.....I love you! I'm still fighting for you!


McMary said...

Wow--you have gone through a lot. I keep praying for you and Hannah.

Jackie said...

It's unreal what we have to do build our family through adoption!!

I don't even know what to say regarding the latest news except how sorry I am for you. Sorry that you are still without your Moonbeam, and that she is still without her mommy.

Keep strong, Kimberly.

Laura and Tom said...

Oh geez, does it never end? You would think all the 'powers that be' would know perfectly well who you are by now - they have sure taken your fingerprints enought times!