Friday, September 18, 2009

A Friday Full of Hope

What a difference a couple of weeks make! My last post on 9/4 was a bit on the hopeless side.
Solomon was right when he wrote, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick" (Proverbs 13:12).

While I don't have anything concrete to share in terms of a date to leave for the Gotcha Trip, we have had a flurry of news this week! A letter drafted by members of congress, including Ken Salazar from Colorado - (go Ken!) was sent to the Kyrgyz Embassy in DC and to Kyrgyzstan, requesting a meeting with the Prime Minister when he is in the States next week!

Along with the news of this letter, we also heard that a paper in Bishkek published an article specifically about International Adoption and stating that the Parliament is of the mind to lift the moratorium and process the adoptions of the 65 families while they overhaul the whole adoption process. Rather than making us wait until they finish re-writing the family code - which I applaud the Kyrgyz for doing. We want things to be transparent, ethical, legal and most importantly, in the best interest of the children!

I'm trying to manage my expectations, but I feel a surge of hopefulness. There is more potential for movement than we've had in months!


McMary said...

Hope is such a wonderful thing and I am hopeful for you.

Maria said...

Oh, I so HOPE that the end is near!!!! Praying too 'cause it certainly helps and doesn't hurt.

Laura and Tom said...

Praise God, this is wonderful news! I think our elected and appointed officials from Colorado have all stepped up on this initiative. Sending lots of good thoughts, mojo, prayers and wishes in 65 different directions this weekend :)

Jackie said...

Hope is good :)