Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fingerprinting Times 50 Cajillion!

OK, maybe not 50 cajillion - but it sure feels that way. And remind me again why USCIS cannot share the biometric prints I've given more than once with the FBI? ARGH!
So frustrating!
Funny story, while I was waiting to be called for my turn to be fingerprinted a man comes in and I hear him tell the lady at the counter that he is there to update his address for his concealed weapons permit (not the funny part :), she gives him a form and he comes over and sits next to me, notices me, makes eye contact and says "Are you here for your permit?"
I'm not sure what it might be about me that would say "needs a permit to carry a concealed weapon!" Very strange.
Well, this will all be worth it if Moonbeam gets to come home someday.


McMary said...

I know what you mean--I had my fifth fingerprints this week also--I really don't understand why the FBI and USCIS can't use the same ones. Also--why do we have to redo them every year--on CIS they are able to identify people with 50 year old fingerprints!
Anyway I am confident this has been my last time to need to do this and I am praying it is the last time for you also--may moonbeam home soon.

Laura and Tom said...

Don't worry, nothing about you says 'concealed weapon' yikes!