Friday, March 20, 2009

"It's all in the wrist, Auntie"

Today is the first day of Spring Break for Syd and she is home with me. She's not feeling too well. Poor kid. We were playing some Monopoly and she was kicking my butt! She kept rolling doubles and getting to take extra turns, but somehow she was only rolling them two times in a row and not three which lands you in jail. What a lucky girl. Well, I ended up in jail and could not roll doubles to save my life - when I commented on this she told me, "It's all in the wrist, Auntie" What a riot! Syd says she'll be teaching Hannah how to roll doubles and beat me at Monopoly as soon as she's old enough.

When I asked what she'd like for lunch she told me "Pickles, cheese and Milanos" (yes the cookies) I think I must have made a strange face, because she said "Come on, I AM SICK"


Shannon said...

Oh boy - she sounds like a "pro" - she's going to be trouble for Hannah! :)

Beulah Sorensen said...

That child absolutely slays me. :)