Thursday, March 26, 2009


Before the winter storm really got going this am I had coffee with my friends Ted and Richard. I don't have any brothers, but if I did I would hope they would be just like these two! These guys love the Lord, they are amazing Dads, they adore their wives and they are two of my favorite people!

Tonight I sent out a prayer request via email to many friends and family members. I mentioned in the email how hard this wait has been on me and how I've been on the verge of tears most of the time. (Ted and Richard would know - I cried at coffee this am - and you know what they were OK with that - another reason I love these guys!) Ted and Richard were the first two to respond to the request. I wanted to share their responses to my email - I hope it will encourage you the way it did me.

Good Grief what a mess. I am glad you got new pictures! My prayer is for everyone to bring home their kids! Keep smiling, I saw more happy smiles today then I did tears! You know that God is good and will take care of all the details “Greater is he that is in YOU and Hannah, then he who is in the world”.
Love you my friend, Ted

oh, the "wait"

Charles Stanley was teaching today about the "wait". He believes the greatest thing we learn as believers is to "wait" and the greatest gift we receive comes through waiting. May your wait not be a weight...once again, cast your care on him, for he cares for you...if you can do it now, you'll be able to do it as a mom and the wait won't be a weight.

Be His,

Yes, and amen - Be His!


Ann said...

Awesome advice! and thank you for passing it along. This wait is awful and unfortunately it holds much weight in my heart.

Beulah Sorensen said...

I wish we could know how many people are praying over your situation. I've told so many people and I know that all your other friends are telling their praying friends, etc. Between your friends, the blog, and the message boards the number might even be in the hundreds? Who knows! Kind of a cool thought, isn't it?

Pamela said...

How true...the wait...the weight. Funny, I'm on the verge of tears ALL the time. One minute I'm fine, and the next, I'm balling. So, you are in good company, my friend.

Glad to hear that you received a few updated photos, too. It makes a world of difference.

Big love from DC!

Shelley and Brian said...

Ahh the wait.
Sweet, encouraging responses to your prayer request. So nice to have brothers!
Hang in there. It will happen.