Thursday, May 14, 2009

Queen.....Of This Post

The marvelous Queen Shannon has given me the great honor of being Queen of All Things Awe...summm! And since I am dying for a distraction from the depressing adoption news of late, I've decided to take on the challenge of this post.
I am to list 7 awe-summm things about myself! It's funny I work with my clients on making lists like this all the time, but this is gonna be hard. Perhaps the best reason for doing this! If I'm gonna make my clients do this, surely, I should be able to!
1. I am loyal to the core! Friends, family, co-workers - I always try to assume the best about people.
2. I am a darn good public speaker. Whether it's teaching class, leading a Bible study, leading worship, presenting the software I sell, or my favorite, sharing at church (notice I didn't say preaching - that's too scary a word!) - I think I do an fantabulous job.
3. I am an excellent listener - I guess it goes along with the being a therapist thing!
4. I am an encourager. I love giving people positive feedback and noticing the good in others.
5. In most areas of my life, I am determined! I don't give up, hence the two year wait, thus far, to bring home my girl!
6. I am great with kids - I hope this translates to great mom! We shall see...
7. I strive to focus on the positive - I'm not always successful, but it is always a goal I am pursuing! I have so much to be grateful for!
Speaking of things I'm grateful for...I am to tag 7 fellow bloggers as Queen! And I am so grateful for each of them:

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