Friday, May 22, 2009

A Very Long Week

Never a dull moment in the world of International Adoption - a conference call with my agency on Tuesday this week left me completely shaken and totally discouraged. Somehow I had to pull myself together enough to see clients and finish the work week. By last night I was exhausted and on the verge of tears. Somehow I made it through a church meeting and then my dear friend Lesa sat down next to me to ask how I was doing - well the dam burst and the tears started flowing - she led me down the hall to her youngest daughter's room where she barricaded the door with the toy box, propped me up on some pillows on the twin bed and let me ball my eyes out, blow my nose into the piglet towel (no tissues and there would be no getting back into the room sans children if she left to retrieve some), and then prayed for me. About 40 minutes later we emerged and I fumbled my way home and into bed.
We had lunch plans today and when I picked her up, Lesa asked if I was available for the rest of the afternoon - well? why not? Surely work can wait! So we had lunch, went to see a great flick - Angels & Demons - have you read the book? Loved it! After the movie we went to Sprouts and bought some yummy fruit and produce. When we got back to her place she invited me in to sit in the hot tub. She made me a pomegranate vodka concoction (YUM!), a fabulous dinner and we hung out with the kids, played some cards (Canasta! I know, I'm an old lady at heart!) and forgot all about all the things that really stink in my world right now!
Thank you Lesa! I feel so loved and you are such a blessing! Special thanks also go out to my equally dear friend, and Lesa's husband Mike for getting the kiddos to bed last night and then watching the kids all afternoon today so that Lesa could love on me!


Lisa Brotherton said...

Now THAT is a friend! Please give that woman a hug for me!
Love you, Kimberly. We are going to be okay!

Kimberly said...

I know, right??? I totally agree - she is a rockstar!
Love you too Lisa! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Maria said...

Nothing in life is better than the friends God puts in our paths to carry us over the hurdles. What a blessing you have in these friends!!! Praying for you.