Monday, June 15, 2009

A Call to Pray, Part 2

I don't feel at liberty to share the details, but God is on the move! I truly believe that we are seeing some positive signs that progress is being made to bring the kiddos home. I still have no idea of the when or the how soon, but I feel confident that we are "trending positive", and that is something to celebrate!
I think I'll be doing my happy dance tonight - picture Snoopy!
Thank You, Lord for Your presence and peace! Thank You for Your unending mercy and patience with me as I have, of late, tended to assume the worst and not the best. Thank You that You have not forgotten these orphans and that You are on the move to place them in families!


Hilary Marquis said...


He is on the move indeed! We'll be joining you in prayer tonight (as always;)


Cindy LaJoy said...

Oh YEA!! God is Rockin', I can feel it too! Hang in there, Kimberly and Moonbeam...we'll get you together yet!