Saturday, June 20, 2009

Faithfulness, Part One

Note: I started this post earlier this month and am just now getting back to posting's such a poignant reminder of what a roller coaster this adoption journey is. I am not deflated today at all, but who knows what this week will bring....sigh.

As I sit here feeling completely deflated, I am filled with the sense that I need to remember His faithfulness to me. One of the things I love about reading the Old Testament are the many places where the Israelites take time to remember, aloud, the many ways that God has been faithful to them. There are literally dozens of passages where the people recount all that God has done for them.

I feel like I need to do that - I need to recount the many ways that I have seen God's faithfulness to me on this adoption journey and I know there are many! I need to remember and choose not to lose hope!

I remember...during my wait for a referral I prayed that You would not send me to Kyrgyz on my visit trip by myself. There was a VERY small window of time that my dear friend Elisabeth would be able to accompany me. And You worked that out down to the very day! Thank You Lord!

I nervous I was about meeting the other family that would be sharing this experience with me. I was concerned how the details would work themselves out - sharing a driver, translator, 5 people in a Jetta in over one hundred degree weather! Thank You Lord for Jeff and Lisa - what a blessing it was to get to know them! How privileged I feel to have shared my visit trip with them. They will definitely be friends for life! :-)

Lord, You are faithful!


Lisa Brotherton said...

All I can say, I love you Kimberly. Yes, He has been so good to us.
Thank you for reminding me to stop and recount the ways!

Maria said...

And when this journey is over and Moonbeam is home, you will look back over the events and how they unfolded and see His hand and His blessing on all the steps. The beauty is that you are thankful in the midst of turmoil.

McMary said...

I can't begin to know how you feel--being a mother for a year but not having your child.
I pray for you and all the Krgy parents that are waiting.