Sunday, October 28, 2007

Roller Skating?

Syd had her 8th birthday party today – what fun! She chose Skate City for the location – reminiscent of Skate Land in the Valley only cleaner. I remember the days of heading to Skate Land, hoping to be asked to skate the couples song – bliss! Skating hand in hand to a Chicago or an Air Supply ballad….what could be better?
So I donned my size nine pair of rental skates and stood up for the first time in about 20 years (how in the world did I get so old?) and I expected it to all come back naturally as if it was yesterday that I was racing around the rink never once reaching out for the wall. And then the moment of truth hits and I'm frantically trying to reach the wall before my butt hits the floor. What a strange sensation, to be 100% certain you can skate, no fear, and then to stand up and realize with the same 100% certainty that you cannot!
Looks like I've got some practicing to do! But the first thing I'll have to deal with is getting over the fear of falling!

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