Thursday, July 9, 2009


Lately I've been wishing I could post some adorable pictures of Moonbeam here on my blog! But, alas, until she has her feet firmly on US soil I cannot. So, I was thinking - why couldn't I post some pictures of my visit trip last year that show you all (well, at least those of you that aren't also adopting from Kyrgyzstan - you will already know this) what an amazing country Moonbeam is from!

A beautiful ballet/opera house:

A park in the city....I never did figure out why they paint all of the bases of the tree trunks white? Anyone?

Our driver took us up into the mountains one evening - it was a gorgeous drive. We followed this river through the mountains.

A summer Yurt along the river. There were some amazing horses grazing alongside. Syd adores horses so I had to get a few pictures of them.

We drove all the way to this little restaurant called 12 Chimneys. They have these outdoor tables - each with a little fireplace - and thus, 12 Chimneys.

Great memories....I cannot wait to make new ones with Moonbeam!


Shannon said...

Oh, those pictures bring back some wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing them. The paint on the trees is to keep these weird little bugs from eating and damaging them. At least that's what we were told when we were there. :)

Maria said...

Like Shannon said, the white paint is to save the trees from the bugs. That's what our driver said. We thought it was odd too. Talk about taking you back -- wow. Thanks for sharing!!

McMary said...

great pictures--it looks like a beautiful country.

Ann said...

I love the photos! I have a photo of the opera house from my first visit that looks almost exactly the same. Hmmm guess great minds think alike!

But the trees.. Here I must chuckle... We asked our friends this very same question. They obviously did not "really" know the answer, however instead of telling us they did not know, they said they painted the bottoms as a throwback to the Russian custom, and the people like the way the trees look painted. This reminds me of when we were lost looking for one of the very far out towns of Bishkek. We stopped and asked directions three times! Our driver said you never ask just once. Because if a person does not know the answer they will make something up. So you have to ask three times and hope to get at least two answers the same!!!! Funny how the Kyrgyz mind works.