Saturday, January 3, 2009

Long Time No Post - Bad Blogger

Happy New Year!
May 2009 be the year that my sweet Hannah comes home for good!
This evening I took the time to update my blog - give it a facelift so to speak - so I thought I'd better actually write something too!
My last post was in July and that seems like a lifetime ago! Since then I've visited my little Moonbeam (my dear friend Ann found out that this is what her Kyrgyz name means! Thank you Ann!) And I am now fully engaged in waiting! Sometimes patiently and sometimes not so patiently - but waiting nonetheless!
Rumor is that we will hear some good news in mid January!


Pamela said...

Yay! You finally updated the blog! Now, my friend, you had best keep it full of all sorts of interesting tidbits about your wait. No more giant blog hiatuses allowed!

BTW...the new design looks fab!

Fingers crossed that we see movement after the 12th!

Kimberly said...

HI Pamela - funny, I was thinking this am that I should actually send you an email letting you know I finally updated it! Especially since I so enjoy reading yours!
I spent way too much time last night updating the look so I felt I'd better update the content too!
Happy Sunday!

Laura and Tom said...

Hey gal, the 'new and improved' blog looks great! I'm going to start stalking your blog since you are posting again ;) This is the perfect time to start recording more detail since the journey to bring home sweet little Hanna will start to ramp up soon. Hugs, Laura & Malika

Lisa Brotherton said...

Hey Travel Buddy!
I love the beautiful layout! It is like a preparation for the good news that is bound to come!