Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting Moonbeam

Unfortunately, I have no fabulous news to report after this past week! All my hopes of hearing something wonderful have been disappointed. However, there wasn't really any bad news either. Kyrg appears to continue to attempt to move forward with Int'l Adoption - and that is good news! It just isn't likely to happen quickly....insert heavy sigh here....

I was looking back through my journal and found this entry written from Bishkek the evening of the day I met Moonbeam! I thought I would share it here.

August 5, 2008
Dear A.
I met you for the first time today. At first you were shy and timid. you cried when S. put you in my arms. you weren't feeling very good that day. Your tummy was hurting and so you were upstairs away from the other kids. When I saw you, in your little red shorts, bare feet and no shirt, your sweet little shaved head - my heart melted. As we spent some time together you smiled and me and giggled when I tickled your tummy. You were a bit unsteady on your feet, but you were very determined. You didn't give up! If you fell down, you just picked yoursefl up and tried again.
One time a little boy ran up and took away this little toy cellphone you had been playing with. You fell on the ground and started crying. Another little girl saw all of this and came over and helped you up - I couldn't understand what she was saying to you since it was in Russian, but I imagine she said something like"that was your toy - you go get that back!" And that's just what you did! You marched over to the little boy, grabbed the cellphone out of his hand, gave him a shove and came back over to me - grinning ear to ear! I thought, my little Moonbeam has spunk!

What a wonderful day! A day I will never forget! My dear little Hannah - my heart longs to see you again! I cannot wait to hold you in my arms, cover you with kisses and pour my love into your heart on a daily basis!

While you are thousands of miles away, you are never far from my heart!


Pamela said...

What a nice recollection of the first day you met your precious little one. Great descriptions, full of love and emotion. Hannah is certain to appreciate this someday.

Big Love!

Jackie said...

Hi Kimberly,

I believe I learned about your blog from the Kyrg Singles Yahoo Forum, and just wanted to pop over and say 'hello'.

I'm certainly hoping that we will see many kiddos come home this year. I will plan to follow your journey and lend support in any way I can.

All the best and stay strong.

mom to Little Squirt

Jes said...

Holy cow, I am just a bucket of emotions today and your post didn't help :)

Thanks for sharing!


Laura and Tom said...

What a great story and memory to share with your little gal!