Monday, January 26, 2009

So, why "Hannah"?

Another new week! Whew! My mom always used to talk about how time flies - I never really understood that as a kid, but it makes complete sense now!

Lots of positive news on the adoption front, but nothing definitive about when my little Moonbeam will be headed home for good!

What a glorious day that will be!

On one of the Yahoo adoption groups I participate in we all shared how we came to name our little ones.

This made me realize that I never shared that story here.

So, why "Hannah"?

I chose the name Hannah because I love the story of the prophet Samuel's mother Hannah in the Bible (1 Samuel 1:1-2:11).

Hannah was a woman who poured out her heart to God - she had an ache to be a mom (me too!) After pouring out her heart she waited (me too!) for Him to provide.

Hannah was a woman of great faith and love! She left the Temple, where she had been praying, having complete faith that God would answer her prayer. And answer He did!

The name Hannah means grace or favor.

My Hannah's middle name will be the beautiful name her birth mom gave her A. (can't go public with that quite yet) - which means Moonbeam in Kyrgyz.

So she will be my "graceful moonbeam" awww.....isn't that precious?

Can't wait for you all to meet her! She is beautiful!


Lisa Brotherton said...

Yes, she most certainly is!

Laura and Tom said...

Great post Kimberly. Also, you never told me that her Kyryz name means Moonbeam. All this time, I thought Moonbeam was just a term of affection like sweetie! That is so poetic and beautiful! I do believe there is something powerful about a name and that it does reflect who your child is. You may know this, but our little gal's name means Queen - and believe me, she has certainly become the queen of our hearts and our household!

Ann said...

I second that...And can't wait for those days when we don't have to talk in codes anymore. And pictures and names can be shared freely shouted from the highest mountain!!!

Jackie said...

I love hearing how our babies receive their names. Hannah is a beautiful name with a beautiful story :)


Beulah Sorensen said...

Anxiously waiting to meet our "graceful moonbeam"!