Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bay Bridge and Seafood at Sunset. Oh My!

Spent the weekend in San Francisco...for work! Yuck! (the working part, not the SF part - I love that town!)
Anyhow, I did have the luxury of Friday evening with my dear friend from college, Linda. She graciously picked me up at the airport. Now that's true friendship - to pick me up during Friday evening traffic in the Bay Area. You're a gem Linda!

In search of seafood, (I just don't get enough of that living in a land locked state) Linda took me to the Ferry Building down on the water along the Embarcadero. It was a beautiful evening and we sat outside, in full view of the Bay Bridge, enjoying our "Crab Tower" entree - it was amazing! We had great fun chatting and catching up on all that's going on in our lives.

Friday evening was over far too quickly and the reality of a working weekend set in. (Insert heavy sigh here) All for a good cause - for Hannah's college fund one day, right?


Shannon said...

Sounds lovely - even if it was for work. :)

Laura and Tom said...

That sounds fantastic! I am always on a similar seafood quest when we hit the West Coast :)